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help with sentry, i don't know header sett. etc...

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hi everyone, i'm inexperienced especially with sentry and i ask your help, i'm learning to use sentry but at the time i was good using c-force which unfortunately doesn't work anymore and i don't understand why. I didn't even need to search for config like sentry does. I always put proxies l1 anon and elite and combos too and everything was fine and started with bruteforce. when I try to use sentry instead, it tells me something like: set header is empty.
I want to know how I can download the settings of that site that interests me with sentry, or is there another application that does this job for me?
the sites I need to enter are very easy, sometimes I can even enter by guessing user and password and they all have this form of login:
example: undersweetweight.com/secure/login.html

can you give me some help please?

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