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Openbullet 1.3.2 Anomaly Modded Version 1.3.2

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kurosaki ichigo

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hangelog: Version 1.3.2
Added "Unescape" function block to decode unicode escape characters. (EX: \u00fc, \x5C, etc)
Added OCR Block. (Disabled)
Added OCR Settings page. (Disabled)
New .dll additions for OCR functionality.
All OCR is DISABLED, it still needs a lot of settings, and vigorous testing phases done.

UPDATED! 6/22/2019
Hey all, Pure here. Posting another Version of my Mod.
I have Cut ties with team paradox, My Updates are now under OpenBullet Modded (Anomaly) Not OpenBullet Paradox. Also there is a new Dev helping me with Updates now.
Version 1.3.2  removes all Paradox branding and fixes the Kill Switch from the Paradox Version
Additional Features of this mod
Integrated proxy scraper
Integrated LoliX Decrypter
Additional Features in the function block.

higher Bot Count

Able to set and save default Proxy testing Site/Key


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